Many of these parts were removed from a Zenith 601XL/650. Most or all have been primed and or painted. All are assembled. I am selling these as a lot. No individual parts sales.

I want rid of these parts. I will accept the best reasonable offer, local pickup only. They aren't free, so make a reasonable offer of what they are worth to you. If I don't get what I consider a reasonable offer, I will scrap the parts. If you are thinking of building a 610XL or 650, this would be an excellent start, and save the cost of a lot of parts from Zenith. I also have a Continental O200 with engine mount, removed from an XL, but it is not a part of this package, and will be sold separately.

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The left aileron has an electrical trim installed.

The foot brake assemply.

The canopy.

The flaps.

Flap control arm.

12 gallaon fuel tanks.

Landing Light.

Maing gear.

Nose gear.


Seat cushions. Pair of two.

Stabilizer. Electric trim installed.



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