Buccaneer Video is a web site devoted to historical and satiric presentations, with an emphasis on aviation. These videos have been uploaded to a Youtube channel "Buccaneer Video"

Some of these videos were created years ago, and it seemed time to share them with a broader audience. Some are newly created. Others are historic aviation videos, which seem to deserve a more central location for their visibility.

When I began creating videos, I needed a name for my efforts. Pirating video was pretty common at the time (some would say it still is), so I decided I needed a name which implied the videos were pirated (which they weren't) without directly saying that, letting the viewer draw their own conclusions.

Every DVD at the time started with a rather trite warning that copying the DVD was illegal, and all sorts of dire things would happen if you copied it. Well, duh, you would think no one knew they weren't supposed to copy it. No doubt these messages detered numerous would-be pirates from a life of crime.

I wasn't in the pirating business, but I had no way I could imagine to keep anyone from copying my videos, so I decided to come up with the most moronic warnings I could imagine to put on the front of my videos.

Such as: Watch out! It will explode if you copy it!

These warnings are included on the youtube Buccaneer Video channel.

The videos are sorted into several categories:

New Aviation Related Videos

Historic Aviation Related Videos

Satiric advertisments

Satiric DVD Warnings

Sometimes, there is no clear cut distinction between categories. Some advertisements were used to ostensibly advertise a following video. Otthers stand alone.

If you want to use any of these videos, it's largely between you and You tube. I do ask that, if you use them, please provide a link to the Buccaneer web site this place you are now) and to the youtube Buccaneer Video channel.