Worried about your friends ripping off the content of your DVDs? Here are some warnings to help steer them from a life of crime! Feel free to use these at the start of your DVDs.

Here is a warning designed to hypnotize
the viewer, and to force them to buy a copy
of the DVD.
This warning shows how bad people who
copy DVDs will be put in front of a firing
The first of the warnings created, this
warning shows that only really stupid
people copy DVDs.
A modification of the traditional FBI
warning cautions how really nasty the
FEDs can be.
Here, a person copying a DVD finds out
doing this makes his house explode!
The copier of this DVD is caught and shot,
with the warning that he shouldn't even think
about DVD duplication.
A list of all the FEDs who are out to get
those who rip off DVDs.
A variant of the previous warning.
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