E-Mail and Phone Number Policy

I have a rather drastic e-mail/phone policy. It stems from experiences gained during the early days of the internet, and from the reason I have an email/phone capability.

During the mid-1990's, I was trying to build a video business, which would lead to my retirement from aerospace. The website I had then was receiving 1,500 emails each day, over 90% of which were spam. Some of these were even from our church, announcing such things as a youth car wash! If I couldn't trust our church not to distribute our email address without permission, who could I trust? Filters helped some, but it was virtually impossible to get the email I really wanted, and not get some spam.

When I was forced to take medical retirement, and abandon the video business, I decided to start anew with a new website, and a new domain name. This time, I decided to create unique email addresses for each company/person with whom I correspond. That address (with a few exceptions) is provided only to to the person or company associated with that email.

If I get an email from anyone else using that email address, I know the person company has breached my trust. I simply delete the email address, and they are no longer able to communicate with me. If a commercial firm is involved, they are advised they have been blacklisted from further business. I will buy from them only if the item is unavailble elsewhere.

My reasons for having email and phone service are for our convenience. If it happens to aid someone else, fine, but that is not its primary purpose. These do not exist so that I/we may be told of upcoming events, sales, products, services, etc. If for some reason our email address or phone number is published in any form, the person or orgabnization may be given the opportunity to get all copies they have published. Failure to do so may result in legal action.

In other words, please do not pass our email addresses or phone number(s) along to third parties in any form, without our explicit permission.

I am considering placing a password access on phone calls so that it would be necessary to enter a password before connection, even to the answering machine. All of us here are disabled. Getting up to walk across the room to answer the phone can be a painful operation. It's really irritating to receive a voice message asking us to stay on the line until a human on the other end answers the phone.

Of course, we hang up immediately, but much of the damage is already done. Please, please, do not pass our phone number along without permission.